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Why Write for TheProsperMagazine.com?

If you are an Expert on a subject, Blogger or Entrepreneur and want to write for TheProsperMagazine.com, we would love to have you as a writer. We are looking for articles that empower, educate and encourage Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners and other business professionals in the faith based community, articles can range from relationships, family, spiritual walk to business management, marketing, even technology or whatever else you have on your mind. Writers not only get the benefit of having their content visible to the entire Internet, but you can also make money in doing so! Visitors can email and share the articles with friends as well as comment on existing articles. Oh, we do have one major requirement, each article created must have a biblical reference either a scripture or a parable from the bible.

You Get –

* To Publish articles, videos, reviews and how to guides and share them with the world.
* To Generate revenue from your articles, and begin building a long term passive income stream by visitors clicking on ads.
* To Share The Prosper Magazine with your family and friends and generate even more money when they share your content.
* Access to a community of Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners as well as other professionals
* Value added to your brand that will help grow your business
* Write at least 3 quality articles you can advertise your business for 1 year for FREE in our local marketplace

How do I Join?

Simply fill out our sign up form and start writing! You will be assigned an account manager who will review your articles before they go live on the site. Once you have signed up and filled out your bio you can provide us with links to books or other products that you have hosted on Amazon.com so you can start promoted your products within your articles. Don’t forget to open an account with CrowdA in your profile and then enable the feature so we can share our Ad revenue with you 50/50.

When filling out the sign up form make sure to include a valid e-mail so that we can alert you to any changes made to your articles. Keep in mind that your user name will be visible on the site, so you may not want to use your real name or other personal information in it to protect your privacy.

And please, no profanity.

Step 1: Sign Up Today by clicking Here

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