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The Prosper Magazine Mini Editorial Guidelines

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The Prosper Magazine Mini Editorial Guidelines

Here are a few of the main editorial guidelines for posting content on TheProsperMagazine.com.

Your content:
1. Should be at least 250 words, with an ideal size of 400 or more words. Articles under 400 words will most likely NOT appear on the index.
2. Must be original and be created by you and must not have been submitted or posted elsewhere on the web.
3. Must not be a sales document, advertisement or any other type of promotional document.
4. Must be written in proper English with correct spelling, grammar and structure.
5. Must not be derogatory, hateful, pornographic or defamatory in any manner.
6. Must not have external links in the first paragraph. Links to other The Prosper Magazine content is ok.
7. Maximum of 2 self-serving links per article.
8. Must include biblical references from the bible, either scripture(s) or a parable(s) in each article, except product reviews.
9. Topics can range from personal development, personal finance, business management and spiritual development.

If you follow these simple steps your article should have no problem getting published. For more in depth description and complete list of rules please visit the The Prosper Magazine Editorial Guidelines.

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