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Designing Your Vision?

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Designing Your Vision?

Ben Kouba owner of leaf9, a media designer that designs websites, business cards, logos, and anything that our little hearts desire.

The reason for this post is to help my good friend and brother in Christ grow his business. Which is one of the main purpose of this magazine, to help Christian Entrepreneurs grow their companies. He has been a huge blessing to me in launching TheProsperMagazine.com. Furthermore, he did an awesome job designing this site (wouldn’t you agree??), unlike other web developers he also gave great advice when it came to business decisions and a few marketing tips. Many web developers are simply just that, nothing more, nothing less. And, when a entrepreneur is starting a company, we sometimes need that additional feedback.


I fully endorse and personally recommend Ben to anyone in need of business cards, logos, new website or a website reconstruction etc. Oh, and here is the awesome part, he does all this at a great price. Prior to meeting him, a company quoted me double from what he charged me. So I saved BIG!

Please don’t hesitate to send him an email and tell him Pedro sent you. Also, help promote this site on popular social media sites such as digg.com, facebook, twitter etc.

Be Bless!

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