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Do The Web Write – Book Review

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Do The Web Write – Book Review

Do The Web Write, courtesy of Self Counsel Press out of Canada has published a great easy to read book on how to add and market your content on any type of website, blog, or corporate website. I wish I have known of this book before the launching of TheProsperMagazine.com. No need for a pity party, I have it now and I’m using the tips inside of it to help build traffic to this site as well as capturing any leads.

The book was written by Dan Furman who is an entrepreneur and website conversion expert. He runs a successful copywriting and marketing consulting company and is kind enough to share his insight with us in this book.

He are my thoughts about the book:


It’s very easy read.

Provides actual examples of recommend web pages so we could have something to model our pages after.

Gives great tips and suggestions based off his own personal assessment. Gives an suggestion of how long an article should be, he says a good minimum is 250 words but allow 350-500 to be our sweet spot. The longer the article the lower attraction to capturing an audience, however your loyal reader may want to read a long article, so it’s up to us.

The book covers the basics and conveys it in a way for a person that doesn’t know anything can gain understanding, but at the same time SEO expert can learn something as well.


Mainly for service type of businesses, though other will benefit too.

No in depth content on using social media such as facebook, twitter, stumbleupon etc., to build traffic

Other than those two point this book was really good and helped me build traffic for this site.

Overall, great book to buy. Just click the link to below to pick up your copy.

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