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Product Review: ShoeBoxed.com Organize Receipts

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Product Review: ShoeBoxed.com Organize Receipts

Shoeboxed.com founded by Duke graduated and entrepreneur Taylor Mingo has been an answer to the prayers of so many business owners and entrepreneurs. Receipt management has been the death of a lot of business owners, especially around tax season. Offices are clutter with receipts along with other paper documents.

Since the launch of Shoeboxed.com, business owners can now see the floors of their offices. Shoeboxed.com became a blessing to many Entrepreneurs. by allowing them to scan in receipts and business cards or have ShoeBoxed.com to do it, save you the trouble. Receipts are stored by store name, date, total and can be sent to Quicken, PDF, Excel, Freshbooks (which is how I discovered shoeboxed.com) and more. Business cards can be imported from Outlook, Gmail, Linkedin, Salesforce, etc. Statistics on spending are automatic generated and you can store receipts to the account via email.

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I used Shoedboxed.com for almost 12 months now and it has made my life a lot easier. Especially in my start up stage, tracking expenses and storing important documents. This software made it a lot easier by allowing me to scan important documents online such as contracts and other sensitive information in addition to my receipts from various purchases. I love the feature which allows you to add side notes to each receipt such as how you paid for the item (i.e. credit card, check). I haven’t really used it for storing my business cards, I’m not saying it is not a useful feature, it just does not work for me at this time.

The purpose of these blog is post to promote various business web apps that normally major companies only have access to. Now, I’m presenting this particular web app to help your organization and yourself get in order.

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