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Uniting Christian Entrepreneurs Globally

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Uniting Christian Entrepreneurs Globally

TheProsperMagazine.com will be converting to an online social network for Christian Entrepreneurs. We realized that visitors wanted more opportunities to engage with one another, share more content and meet new Christian Entrepreneurs globally.

Introducing TheProsperNetwork.com which is an online service to meet Christian Entrepreneurs globally, socialize, share tips, ideas, ask questions and get “real time” feedback.

To provide members the opportunity to grow their business through social interaction with individuals who share their values and beliefs. This organization serves as a vehicle to bring Believers together to advance the Kingdom of God and their individual enterprise for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our goals are accomplished through collective business knowledge of other members, programs, articles and events designed to showcase the products and services of our members and supporters.

To glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in our conduct, character, and commitment to our business, family and community.

Begin today, by creating your FREE account.

After you registered, here is How it Works:

Join the Conversation

Discuss your business, introduce yourself, ask questions and find answers.

Be Part of a Community

Build your business one relationship at a time, both online and face-to-face.

Attend Events (coming soon)

Attend business networking and educational events, or host your own.

Get Published

Share your expertise, raise your profile and build your reputation by publishing articles.

Seek Counsel

Learn biblical principles that help you make more informed decisions that is aligned with God’s word.

Invite your friends to join

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What is The Prosper Magazine?

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What is The Prosper Magazine?

The Prosper Magazine’s goal is to introduce a guide to Christian readers that would promote financial prosperity and lifestyle enhancements. The content and resources provided by Prosper will encourage, empower and educate readers to achieve their personal endeavors and financial goals in life.

We have a mission to prove that every success tip that was every conveyed was dervied from the bible.  In The Prosper Magazine you’ll find a lot of great encouraging, education, empowering articles that will help you become successful in your personal life and in your career and the tips will all be aligned with God’s word by using scriptures or parables from the bible.

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