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Do you know what business you are in?

Business Owners are NOT CEO’s

I can hear the answers now: “I am a seller of this thing…”, “I am the provider of this service…”, and even “I am in business to make money.” What I am about to say next will shock most and even more are going to disagree with me. Being a seller of a thing or a provider of a service is not the business that you are in. You are in the marketing business. Your title isn’t CEO but CMO – Chief Marketing Officer. Before you decide not to read any further, let me explain.

Never Outsourced What Brings in Money

How can you be a seller of a thing or a provider of a service if you have no customers? You could have the best product or service, but if you have no customers/patients/clients then you have nothing! Too many business owners focus 80% of their energy (if not more) on non-income producing activities (i.e. activities that could be delegated to staff or outsourced). “But Ralph, I can just outsource my marketing.” Sure you can, but consider this: There are two things that should never be outsourced in a business, the thing that brings in the money (marketing) and the thing that distributes the money (accounting). Every business owner should have oversight over the flow of the money.

God Wants Us to Increase our ROI

As Christians, God calls us to be good stewards over all that He has given us – our souls and the souls we have tied to us, the communities we have influence over, the bodies He has blessed us with, and His finances He has entrusted us with (Luke 16:1-13). God has given each of us a gift, an anointing. He expects a return on what He has given us…A return that should yield increase for the Kingdom of God (Matthew 25:14-28).

As a Christianpreneur, God is looking for a return on the business he has blessed you with. Outsourcing your marketing is a bad idea because no one knows your customers, your niche, and your product/service like you do. Effective marketing is less about telling your customers and prospects about your latest sale, product, or service and more about connecting people with what they need, want, or desire. Who is going to know that better than you – “the seller/provider of a thing”?

The “Set It and Forget It” Mentality

Now don’t hear what I didn’t say. Seeking help from copywriters, direct-marketing experts, and other professionals to assist you in building an effective marketing system is ok, in fact, recommended, but outsourcing your marketing is ill-advised. The ‘set it and forget it’ mentality is detrimental to your business, thus your marketing. Using that mentality, you would wake up one morning and wonder why your business is crumbling around you (Luke 16:2).

So the thing that you sell or the service that you provide isn’t what makes your business…it is the customers that you foster, through effective marketing.

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10 Responses to “Do you know what business you are in?”

  1. I think this is a great article! Although, I must disagree. As a telemarketer, I found great success in selling products and services for clients. It is more about the niche and direction that both organizations must share to have success. It is possible to partner or outsource when the roles and value added are clearly defined for both organizations. Otherwise, what do you do if you have a great product but unable to sell it?

  2. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never heard of a Christianpreneur… That’s a great way of looking at things

  3. Marsha,

    You it he nail on the head when you stated ” It is possible to partner or outsource when the roles and value added are clearly defined for both organizations”. Clearly defining goals, objectives, niches, etc is important in any partnership, especially in your instance as a 3rd party seller. I am excited that your business is doing well as an outsource organization. There are many organizations, especially small businesses, who require outsourcing to run their operation. I myself will be seeking to outsource some functions of my business in 2010.

    But back to your comment. To answer you question…you learn how to sell your great product. If, for what ever reason, the relationship with the outsourced organization no longer exists and a suitable one cannot be obtain…then the organization is dead in the water. Their means of income/profitability no longer exist and they must start from square one. Sure there are instances where this may not be the case all of the time but wouldn’t you want to know how to sell the very thing that makes you money? Otherwise you are totally dependent on someone, something else.

    Thank you for your comments.

  4. Totally understand and agree Ralph! Let’s connect.

  5. I loved the term Christianpreneur! Keep up the good work, great read!

  6. P.S., I hope you don’t mind if I steal the term….

  7. DiscipleshipGuy…

    Please use the term…I am in the process of getting it trade marked but by all means…run with it.

  8. Just got word that it is already trademarked.


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