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PRESS – Persistently Run Expecting Supernatural Success

PRESS – Persistently Run Expecting Supernatural Success

As it is said, the past is a canceled check, you can’t get it back yet so many of us, keep allowing it to keep us from our future. Why?

We are all afraid to unlock that little box that holds our family secrets and issues. All of us. For many years I pretended as if it didn’t exist. But finally I wanted liberation. I was so sick and tired of using my past as an excuse. If I had a nickel for every time I said, “But because of how I was raised, I do things this way.” I would be Oprah rich. The excuses, which are nothing more than the tools that incompetent, people use to keep them bound to the issues that they are defending got old. I realized that it was time to put on a pair of big girl panties and deal with my past.

After all, you cannot conquer what you refuse to confront. If you don’t deal with it, it lingers and festers. It starts to stink and when you have an odor, everyone knows. And usually, no one tells you so you just walk around thinking you are cute yet smelling a hot mess! And I don’t have to tell you, that is not cute or productive.

Bondage is not going to get you closer to the Incredible You. You have to free yourself.

We have all had things happen to us in the past. Big deal. It is over. You cannot change the past. In fact, the past is a canceled check. It is no longer worth anything of substance. Why allow it to keep you from getting to where you want to be? There is no good reason why.

It was years ago. Release it and trust that God will ease the pain in your heart. When you hold onto the issues of the past, you are the one who suffers. The one who wronged you is over it, if they are even aware that they hurt you at all. Let it go and walk into your future.

I love what II Timothy 2:21 says, If a man cleanses himself from the latter [the past], he will be an instrument for noble purposes, made holy, useful to the Master and prepared to do any good work. Need I say more?

Seriously though, when you get past what is behind you, you can be used for good things and be an example for others of the goodness of forward motion and thought can be. Dealing with my past brought me to a place of praise. It was my way of helping others to realize that there is a praise on the other side of your past. Life gets better when you let things go. In fact, life becomes Incredible! Your mind is clear and void of confusion and your heart is whole, absent of anger, contempt or defeat. When your mind is clear and your heart whole, Incredibleness is just around the corner and all you have to do is walk toward it.

When I think about the storms of my life, I get excited because they were all catalysts to my destiny! Had it not been for that betrayal, that abuse, that financial downfall, I would not be the Incredible person that I was born to be. I am able, by the grace of God to be excited about the things that I have been through. The trials and tribulations only made me stronger.

Think about Marvin Sapp’s Never Would Have Made it. He can only sing that song and you and I bob our heads and raise our hands in praise, if we let the past go. Think about it. If you are here and you are alive and healthy, you ought to be praising right now. You have already proved that you can make it through other life trials. So get excited that you will come out of the past stronger, wiser and better. So get excited and let it go.

I have decided to PRESS or to Persistently Run Expecting Supernatural Success. A woman in my church, Sheila, shared her testimony with us and said that she realized that in order to make it through, she had to PRESS and she created this amazing acronym. Sheila is amazing and through this acronym she will bless so many lives.

Pressing is moving forward regardless of what is coming your way. It is important that you press persistently. It means that you have decided that you will not give up. You will keep going no matter what comes your way. Running is about action versus standing still and letting this happen to you; running allows you to be proactive to change and stress. Standing still is the sign of completed work, where as running is about the realization that the work is not yet done but deciding that you will embrace the change and embrace it with a supernatural expectation.

Wow, if you are not empowered now, I don’t know what to tell you. Success will be yours when you decide to take action against the problems, trials and tribulations that come your way.

The Incredible You is just over the horizon from the past hurts, failures and strife that is already over. PRESS toward the future, PRESS toward the Incredible You. Don’t you want to meet the Incredible You?

Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 3:13,14

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5 Ways to Minimize Mediocrity

5 Ways to Minimize Mediocrity

According to the IOE dictionary, mediocrity means thinking or experiencing beneath your inherent right or privilege. I realized a long time ago about the self-fulfilling prophecies that accompany the thoughts of mediocrity. Whether it is a family member, a teacher, a co-worker or a so called friend, people can help to plant these subliminal messages of mediocrity into our spirits which will enable us to think as they see us. What I know for sure, is that those thoughts can prevent us from ever walking into the greatness that we want for ourselves if we don’t call our friends, loved ones, etc out on the thoughts that they think toward us. It may not have seemed like a big deal when your best friend crushed your dream; maybe you weren’t even really sure that you really wanted that to happen in your life. So with his/her disbelief ingrained subconsciously in your mind, you began to talk yourself out of that which you greatly desired. Sound familiar?

Maybe it’s not you I’m talking about. I (I’ll tell on myself!) spent a lot of time around Incredible SNATCHERS, those people who were sent to negate all talent and confidence that has been earmarked and reserved for my success and I allowed their thoughts toward me to sway me from my dream until I realized that my purpose doesn’t change because people don’t have faith enough to believe that it can/will happen in my life and at that moment, I began to minimize mediocrity in my life.

I decided that I with the help and grace of God would be the comander of my fate. I decided that I could do anything to which i put my mind and that I would become a BBB – Belief Barrier Breaker. Because of that mind shift, there are so many things that I have acccomplished that I should not even be here to do. I graduated high school, the first and only in my family and I am not the oldest. I have a college degree, I own my own home, I have my own small business that is thriving, and the list goes on and on. I do not share these things to brag on me, I share them to empower you to believe that anything is possible when you remove mediocrity from your vocabulary. Maybe under achieving is okay for some, but why do you have to under achieve when you have a desire to achieve greatness?

To help you to shift from mediocre to magnificent, I have included a few quick tips that will make all the difference:


Define who you are based on your own goals, wants and desires. No one else should be able to determine your worth. To give your self an honest assessment and write out your personal declaration, which will include who you are today and who you are in the future, you will need to spend some quiet time with yourself in an environment that is conducive to positive thought and self-reflection.


Minimize your associations with people who don’t believe in you. Every day in life, we are faced with tons of choices – what to wear, what to eat, what to watch on TV, listen to on the radio, who to spend our time with. Make an empowering choice by deciding that you are worth more than the garbage you subconsciously plant in your mind. Remember, your imput determines your output. Let’s keep it real, some of your friends are garbage, they stink and you need to take them out. What I mean is, there are television shows, books and radio stations that were created for your edification. Spend time filling yourself with positive, life giving affirmations and entertainment choices. Tell me, what good does knowing the latest dance do for the Incredible in You? I think you get my point.


Speak the Incredible, I know this may sound crazy but what you speak about you will bring about. I talk about this in great detail because it is so important. If you don’t have anything empowering to say, don’t say anything at all. If you want to live, you must learn to speak life. When you learn to speak the incredible you will find your own life giving words of affirmation as a roadmap to discovering the Incredible things that await you when you learn to speak with authority, passion, abundance, confidence and expectation.


Do something everyday that leads to your goals and dreams. Maybe it will be a baby step, but a step in the right direction will ultimately land you where you want to be! Keep walking with belief in your heart and action in your plan and you will land in the Incredible. Habits create character altering behaviors and if it becomes your habit to do something each day to break the cycle of mediocrity, it will break expeditiously. I learned that when I fed my dreams each day by writing faith confessions and believed those things that I wrote down, little by little I saw the fear eliminating itself from my life.


Practice. Prior practice prevents piss poor performance. Practice your life as you want it. Start small, if that makes it easier. If you want to change your negative attitude, slowly stop the amount of “don’ts, no’s, I can’ts,” etc that you utter or think over the course of a day. If you want to minimize mediocrity, you have to do it anyway. No matter what it looks like, you have to walk in faith and reduce the sensation of fear. Fear is mediocrity. It holds you captive and prevents you from the possibility of success.

Remember, minimizing mediocrity is a choice and it is your choice alone. Do not let anyone else talk you out of your dreams – they are yours for a reason. If the dream has been placed in your heart, it is your non-negotiable decision to see it through.

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How to win a free Michael Jackson CD

How to win a free Michael Jackson CD

Every month we’ll have a free giveaway with our Commenting Party.

What is a Commenting Party?  Glad you asked.

A Commenting Party is simply a one week (7 Days) event each month where if someone like yourself were to leave a comment(s) on a  article listed on our website, during the specified time & dates and you’ll be enter in to our drawing to win a free gift from us.  Sounds like a good deal, right?

Basically, you get rewarded for what you already do, commenting on great articles!

Here are the rules:

  1. Return to our site between the time & dates of 12:00 a.m. July 19th through 11:59 pm July 25th est.
  2. Read any article and leave a comment of at least 2 sentences.
  3. The winner will be announced on the comment section of this posted July 26th.
  4. Each time you comment your name will be enter into the drawing (i.e. you comment on two articles, you name will be entered in twice which increases your chance of winning)

Good Luck!  Happy Commenting!

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