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Our First Face Lift by Doctor WordPress

Our First Face Lift by Doctor WordPress

About a week ago our developer, Ben came up with a crazy idea.  That idea was changing the whole look of our original layout to the one you see today.  It took me, the owner a while to come up with the layout for the original one and he came up with the new layout in about a week.  And, to be honest I love it.

Additionally, we moved from using the old content management system of Expression Engine which was a good idea at the time, but was a headache trying to use it.  We are now using WordPress, I know many of you are saying why didn’t we use that in the beginning, the answer is, I don’t know.  But we are going to blame Ben, because he is not here.

For those that are first time visitors, here is a link to what the site use to look like.

The Prosper Magazine 1.0

Any future bloggers or online magazines, please save yourself a head and use WordPress versus Expression Engine far more user friendly.

Leave any comments on your experience with WordPress or Expression Engine.  Plus if you know of any useful plugins or tips about WordPress, please share.

Recommended book to Read:

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From Homeless to Full House

From Homeless to Full House

Marsha Carter is the successful founder of MyBizNext, LLC and Star Scholars, LLC. MyBizNext, LLC is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping business optimize resources, capitalize on opportunities and increase their productivity.

Marsha Carter’s story is not unique. Her story simply reminds us of the power of perseverance, determination, and endurance.

“I am a firm believer of faith. I believe what God has for me is for me. I do not compare; I admire. ” In August 2005, I left the Buccini Pollin Group as an Accountant.

I was afforded an opportunity to return back to school. Oblivious to the consequences, August 2005 I enrolled into the Master’s of Public Administration program at the University of Delaware. All expenses were to be paid by the college of Urban Affairs and Public Policy…

Challenge question: How do you maintain a grad school 3.0 required gpa, bills, and no real steady income.

Well obviously, MC didn’t totally have the answer. Over time the 3.5 gpa slightly dropped as stress continued to build over how to pay bills. In January 2006, MC with Latonya Maddrey decided to start MyBizNext, LLC. “Initially, it was just a way to generate extra income to support our true desire of founding an education institution.” Shortly after, Mrs. Maddrey headed back to Maryland and left the bleak responsibilities to MC; changing from a multi to a single member LLC.

“One night I had a dream—so real. I woke up in our home and everything was empty. There were people cleaning out our home. I walked down the hall to the bathroom and asked “did you know that someone was living here”. The lady stated, “did you not hear the news, you have to leave.” As I walked back into the room there was a mural on the corner of the room that read “HOPE, FAITH, BELIEVE.” I will never forget that. It was the turning point of my life. I decided to let everything go and in less than 3 months, my children and I were at a shelter – EVERYTHING truck, home, etc gone!

All that was left was my family and God. A formed a different kind of faith and relationship with God. For the first time, I began to understand – “I will supply all your needs.” I walked around one week with $20 in my pocket all week! My perception of homelessness changed. My gratitude changed. My relationship with my children strengthened. I began to admire my son and daughter as they too were so positive. There were days we filled the entire room with the peace of God and vibrations of Shirley Caesar (I can make it) rang in the air. My kids would touch me and each other and speak of just how good God was… Can you imagine?

Anyhow, I decided I wanted to find a job (enough to qualify for subsidize housing), so I could just focus on completing my studies and being there for my children. “I was giving up on this entrepreneurship thing.” In my mind, it left me broke and homeless. I searched high and low and could not find a job whereas 6 months prior to giving up I received at least 3 job offers.

Well that was not what God had for me. One of my most supportive mentors and clients, Joe Abelson, Chairman of Rodney Street Tennis & Tutoring Assoc hired me to write a proposal that would change my life. The catch – “the nonprofit did not have any additional funds. Not sure if they could pay right now.” It was almost like God appeared to me directly and we talked (well I more or less I attempted to rebel) to write this proposal for free. “But Father you know my situation, why would I do this for free. I need to get a job, I’m not allowed out of my room after 11:00pm in the lobby, and shouldn’t I just write the proposal for myself.” Oh yes, the excuses just kept coming. More importantly, the only place I could get a wireless connection was by sitting in the corner of the lobby AND it was due in less than 48 hours. Okay, another turning point. I wrote the proposal, it was awarded, and I was still paid $1,000. Does God know what He’s doing or what?

Let’s just say that as I continued to grow and meet more people, I started to realize more success. I remained an entrepreneur (never gave up). Star Scholars was started to help “eliminate the education gap.” Well I would say that after working very longggg hours and spending many countless hours of sacrifice (financially and with time), since then I have realized a great deal of independence. For many, this is minute. For me, this is major for all I asked from God was that I could do the following:

Live in a 4 bedroom home. I now live in a 6 bedroom home for over a year waiting for a new addition to my family – Faith Marciair (pronounced Mar-cee-air)

Make over $150,000. In cooperation with 2008 and already for 2009, I have nearly reached that goal.

Be home with my children. Although a great challenge, both are currently being homeschooled.

Be able to retire by 35. Although this may need to change to 40, I am very confident that through God’s grace; the businesses created today will enable this to occur.

To me it is not about the money. It is simply that God has provided me with all my needs first and desires second. I strongly believe that because of my faith in Him, He has shown me what He could do. I now can stand naked and tell others just how good He is EVEN in the midst of troubles. There may be gloomy days (I sometimes experience them today), but I know that I know if nothing else; somehow some way it will always work itself out for those who believe. Consequently, through all the trials and tribulations; I stand with God by my side, Edward (my husband), Sierra, Richard and soon to be Faith!

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Working for Christ

Working for Christ

If someone asks what you do, how do you answer? Normally people give a job title or a brief description of their work. Rarely does anyone answer that they work for Christ, unless perhaps they work in ministry or as a missionary. Consider, however, that each Christian is urged in Ephesians 4:1 to “walk in a manner worthy of the calling with which you have been called.” Paul is asking believers to take up a lifestyle that reflects Christ in every respect, including the work that they do.

It’s unfortunate that many Christians view their work life as separate from their spiritual life. During the Reformation of the 16th century, Martin Luther made the case that the shoemaker working at his bench was doing God’s work just as much as the priest in the church. It is by our actions out in the world, particularly on our jobs where we spend so many hours, that Christ is made known to others.

Whatever your chosen occupation, your everyday work can indeed by sacred work. If you provide an honest day’s work for your pay, market a product at a fair price, do a job that improves the lives of others, or just plain insist on treating others honestly and respectfully, then you can consider yourself as working for Christ. In this modern, complex world, jobs unsuitable for Christians do exist. However, most modern career fields are excellent opportunities for doing God’s work.

When you head to work, consider yourself heading off to work for Christ. Your every action and word reflect your divine boss to your co-workers. Even in work environments where open discussion of your faith is unwelcome or against company policy, you still have the opportunity to work for Christ. In fact all your words are worthless, if your actions don’t back them up. Colossians 3:17 reminds us that whatever you do in word or deed, “do all in the name of the Lord Jesus.”

The next time you’re asked what you do, consider answering that you work for Christ as an accountant, a salesman, a nurse, a teacher, a waitress, a student or whatever your current occupation.

(all scripture references taken from the New American Standard Bible)

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You Got the Job, Now What?

You Got the Job, Now What?

You’re riding high, having survived the interview process, made it through orientation, and settled into a routine at your new job. It comes as a surprise to some new to the ranks of the professional working world that it takes more than showing up everyday to get recognized and offered opportunities to expand your career. Talent alone won’t help you keep a job or move up the corporate ladder. Use these guidelines to prevent disappointments down the road, either in the form of a pink slip or getting passed over for promotion.

1. Be a professional at all times.

You spend a lot of time at the office, but don’t fall into the trap of spending too much time chit-chatting with your co-workers. The office gossip or resident comedian rarely become the office star. You need to strike a balance between friendly relationships and business relationships. In addition, be cautious about revealing too much personal information; this even extends to your participation in social networking websites. It’s true that what you do on your own time doesn’t necessarily impact your employer, but your employer may judge your overall character and reliability based on information gleaned from your personal life.

2. Stay informed.

You need to keep up with what’s going on in your company and in the industry. Read company newsletters and e-mails. Take a few minutes to read the business section of the local newspaper. Ask your boss if they subscribe to any industry specific publications that you can read. Valuable employees are the ones who keep their fingers on the pulse of the business. A key benefit to staying informed is that you are better prepared than less informed co-workers when changes take place and new tasks are assigned.

3. Work like you’re working for yourself.

Approach your job as if each task was contributing to your own personal bottom line. It’s a big mistake to think that your work really doesn’t matter. If the job didn’t need to be done, why would your employer pay you to do it? Recognize that your performance can either help or hurt the company’s bottom line. If this was your company what kind of job would you do each day? Employees who make positive contributions have the most success.

4. Give the job your full attention.

It may sound cliché, but take pride in your work. Pay attention to the details of each assignment. Something as simple as a misplaced decimal can have ominous consequences: 250.00 is just not the same as 2500.00. Find ways to reduce distractions, whether they come from co-workers or events occurring outside work. It really doesn’t matter whether you work in the copy room or as a junior accountant; giving 100% to the job grabs management’s attention.

5. Keep records of your accomplishments and failures.

Every employee should keep a planner or other type of log of their workday. You can do it on paper or in the computer (just back it up). You want to be sure to record important projects or assignments you worked on. Include the results, good and bad. You can use this record when it comes time for your review with your boss. Don’t expect management to remember what you’ve accomplished over the last year. With this written record you can point out your accomplishments and areas that you would like more training in. It provides a means for you to show how your skills and talents benefit the company.

Employers are willing to invest time and money into training and grooming the most outstanding of their employees—take the five steps outlined above to help create a bright future for your career.

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Vision is your Key to Victory

Vision is your Key to Victory

If you can see the invisible, God can do the impossible, so dream the Incredible.

As a success coach, I am often challenged to help people develop vision that sees the invisible and believes that anything is possible. When I think of vision, I am reminded of a child who has an imaginary friend. With their imaginary friend in tow, that child pursues situations and obstacles with a consistent confidence and enthusiastic expectation that is unparalleled in the world today. I often wonder why our minds don’t allow us to think and act as children when it comes to taking the necessary risks and faith walks to live an incredible life filled with dream fulfillment and passion, abundance, confidence and expectation.

As adults, we don’t believe in imaginary friends, but when you have vision, you see possibilities and results that are not visible to others. Being a visionary is an important key to becoming the Incredible You. When you have vision, you have victory. One of my favorite personal statements that I created when I first started working with other people as a success coach was “if you can see the invisible, God can do the impossible, so dream the Incredible.“ When I say this statement each day, I am focusing on helping people to become visionaries for their lives and the lives of their family members. Situations are changed because of vision. Nothing great in this life was ever accomplished without vision. Think of anyone that you admire in this world. No matter whom they are and how significant their triumph, they possessed an uncanny ability to see the invisible and do the impossible, otherwise, you would not look up to them.

When you have the foresight to see those things that do not exist currently but know in your heart, mind and spirit that they will come to pass, you are becoming a visionary, much like the people you admire. No vision is too small and I admonish you not to compare your triumphs with that of others as we are all on an individual journey. Visionaries think outside of the box. Visionaries are able to do things a little differently to get a victorious result. Visionaries never give up because they don’t know what is coming around the next corner. It is always too early to throw in the towel on your hopes, dreams and desires.

Vision is the key to maximizing and unlocking your potential. Not a visionary? Make a non-negotiable decision that the time is now to receive the victory in your life. You can be a visionary as soon as you realize that all that it takes is for you to be able to say right now that you are able to accomplish that which you desire to do. If you can see it, it can be a reality. Do you have faith and believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to? In this time of economic downturn, vision is looking at your checkbook and getting excited because the money is on the way. Although you can’t see it now, you have full knowledge and belief that you possess what it takes to move from victim to visionary. If you want to have victory, you have to be optimistic. Is your glass half full? When your glass is half full, you are closing in on your victory. When you are able to see clearly those things which do not yet exist, you are walking in a liberating victory because those dreams, goals and desires are just an action away from becoming reality and catapulting you into a personal triumph.

Having vision is pivotal if you want to achieve anything in life. So think, see and then do. You can do it, Incredible One. I believe in you. The Incredible You is waiting; he or she is standing just behind your vision.

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What is The Prosper Magazine?

What is The Prosper Magazine?

The Prosper Magazine’s goal is to introduce a guide to Christian readers that would promote financial prosperity and lifestyle enhancements. The content and resources provided by Prosper will encourage, empower and educate readers to achieve their personal endeavors and financial goals in life.

We have a mission to prove that every success tip that was every conveyed was dervied from the bible.  In The Prosper Magazine you’ll find a lot of great encouraging, education, empowering articles that will help you become successful in your personal life and in your career and the tips will all be aligned with God’s word by using scriptures or parables from the bible.

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